Have I Told You Today I Love You?

Living out my dad's dream to dream.

Love these photos - seeing people genuinely laughing is the best. Looking forward to listening to their show {linked below}.

I just started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, from the beginning. So much hilarity & embarrassment & ridiculousness & some brilliance going on. 

By The Way, A Conversation With Jeff Garlin: Larry David

Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David admits he never would’ve agreed to this sort of malarky had Garlin not been such a close friend. Luckily for us, the magnetic misanthrope plays nicely with others, participating in audience games and revealing deep convictions without reservation. During this off-the-cuff chat, we learn why Larry 1. would prefer to do crossword puzzles than voluntarily listen to music, 2. feels nervous at a dinner table of 12, and 3. is overly strategic in the gifting of old shirts. And you won’t believe the one mundane thing that Larry has never before done in his life.

(Photos by: Lincoln Andrew DeFer)