Have I Told You Today I Love You?

Living out my dad's dream to dream.


The Wonder Years.

This is completely accurate information.

The moment you mention the idea that maybe / possibly / by chance we will play bingo at the end of class, if they behave for 50 consecutive minutes, they get the shakes while only being able to mutter, “Biiiiiiingooooo??”

It happens.

Saw Delicacy starring Audrey Tatou at Cinecube on my day off - it was interesting & fun, though frustrating at times, to watch a film in which I understood about six words.


Twenty-five percent down. Seventy-five to go.

But seriously, I’m not counting down. I’m having a blast. Thinking about the future, though, wouldn’t be a bad idea every now & then.

True Story.

Sibling love.

So lucky to have these two crazies in my life.

In Korea, it’s common to have a smaller family due to population control {apartments are small, cars are small, university is expensive, etc.}. Most of my students have just one brother or sister. A few are only children. And a very small handful are one of three kids.

When I tell them I have two sisters and a brother, they are usually surprised. One time I showed them a picture from a hike we all did in Colorado last summer {eight of us - the Heinritz family included}, and they were pretty shocked. Then, when I mention my siblings are my best friends, it floors them even more. 

Normal Daily Confusion

True story.

Though, I love the fact that the 7/11 store owner {yes, I tried to buy a hair product at 7/11} actually spoke English. So, this mistake was pretty much avoidable.

I politely asked him, “Hairspray? Spray for my hair?” {while making a very accurate spray gesture towards my curly, humidity-enduring head of hair}

He confidently replied, “Yes. Yes, for hair.”

Um no, sir. It’s for armpits. The $4 mini-bottle of whatever you just sold me will not keep my hair anywhere near under control. Thank you, though.

There goes my lunch money.

UPDATE: A Korean co-worker just said my hair looks “very beautiful” today. I guess the deodorant worked? {and now she’s my favorite person.}

Cousin Matt Documenting his Final Four Weekend with Papa via Twitter

Loving every part of this. Well done, Matty.

Thanks to my beautiful cousin, Amanda, for posting this on Twitter. Love it.

Thanks to my beautiful cousin, Amanda, for posting this on Twitter. Love it.