Have I Told You Today I Love You?

Living out my dad's dream to dream.


This music video. I can hardly handle it. 

PSY’s newest song - this video is hilarious & we’re actually kind of loving the song. Our favorite part has to be the dance party on the bus. Or the dancing kid in the red pants. Or the stable dancing. Or the subway dancing. It’s all just too good.

I’m not a PSY fan, but this song’s kind of addiciting. Makes me want to get up and dance. 

Loving these two so much. Especially today. Happy Fourth from Korea!

{be sure to catch Ron Swanson’s “America!” at the end}


america is awesome

“You know what, America is awesome. It’s so full of hope. And small towns, and big cities, and real people, and delicious beverages, and hot guys.”

I love this story of a beautiful father / daughter pair in Canada.

Sweet, heartbreaking, endearing & inspiring. {Full film here.}

Thinking of Dad extra lots today. And all the other great dads out there. Especially the Korean dads that wear Baby Bjorn kid carriers to E-Mart.

{video via A Cup of Jo}

In case anyone ever doubted the amazingness that is Papa - here’s hard evidence of his hilariousness, singing ability & overall perfection as a human.

Thanks to Matty for posting on YouTube!! Love you all.

One of my sweetest & smartest elementary students, Clara, told me her favorite American movie is Home Alone. It was made in 1990 - she was born in 2002.

I’m thrilled to know Macaulay Culkin & Joe Pesci’s influence has not only reached across the Pacific but also impacted a new generation.

Such a great {random} choice. So, so proud.

Watch & enjoy.

{I should note, pretty much our entire family was at the 1988 NCAA Championship Game when Kansas beat Oklahoma in Kansas City, and my dad graciously stayed home to babysit my 18-month-old self. Sacrifice.}

Clip: Jason Sudeikis on Late Show with David Letterman (03/28/2012)

A fun 15 minutes.

Diablo Cody interviews Mindy Kaling about career, cads and clothing in THE NEW RED BAND TRAILER.

Happy weekend, everybody. Enjoy.

Interesting little film.

Lesson seems to be your bike is never fully safe in New York.

Urban experiment records the deconstruction of a bike in NYC over 365 days.